As I’m sure many of you noticed, our blog kind of stopped being updated this past year almost completely… Ummm… you could say that I just simply wasn’t up to it.  When I got pregnant with the twins, I literally could barely do much of anything but sleep.  The first 4 months were so incredibly draining…I guess it sucks a lot of energy out of one’s body creating 20 fingers and 20 toes!  Once that was over, I had about a month of feeling OK before I was simply SO huge that it was like being 9 months pregnant for months on end!  I can’t tell you how many people would ask me at 5 months pregnant if I was due that week! LOL.  Then the pre-term labor and bed rest… and then what can I say — WE HAD TWINS!  Now they are 8 months old and I am finally feeling like my head is screwed back on somewhat correctly!  We are starting to get some sleep, starting to find some sort of routine and I’m excited about being able to get back into doing some of the things I love — including posting here!  :)

You can be looking forward to us sharing some of our recent work, along with some of the work from this past year for you to see!  For now, I thought I would share a pic of our family (thank you Mae & Michael).