I think the internet is the funniest thing. It is amazing that we are able to connect with people from all over the world so easily!

About a year ago, Donny & I were asked to be guest speakers for an online community of photographers starting in the wedding business. It was basically an open forum for people to ask questions ranging from how we got started, to how we shoot, to how to run a successful business. We are always so happy to help out photographers who are just getting started because we really believe in education and love being able to bless others with whatever knowledge we have, by the grace of God, acquired. This forum has people from all over the world and we still are constantly getting emails from photographers inquiring further and asking if we will mentor them, etc.

This past week I was viewing one of our images that we had posted to the forum and it has been viewed over 5000 times! Insane. There is a different photography forum in TAIWAN that is discussing our work and emailing us asking us more questions regarding how we are able to get the shots we get! I’ve posted a picture of one of the images that they were admiring. …I just think it is amazing that although we are across the globe, we are still able to help one another out and share knowledge and experiences with people that we otherwise would have never met!

You may remember this image from Christine & Greg’s awesome engagement session last year! We can’t wait to do their wedding this summer!