Well, we successfully did it.  Minus a blog entry, we took a full day off!  Woo hoo!!  Yesterday we managed to do nothing all day.  We didn’t get out of bed until around 9:30 (we were awake because our little munchkin was up, but we were lazily trying to relax anyway).  We managed to take showers and eat breakfast… then right back to bed at noon.  :)   Our sweetheart took a 3.5 hour nap (and so did we!).  For any of you who know our daughter, you know that if she takes a one hour nap, we are stoked.  She just isn’t a sleeper!  She must have known that Mommy & Daddy were wiped out and gave us a great break!  We managed to leave the house to make it to our current fave pizza place, JoJo’s, and then back to our house for some ultra-relaxing massages from Amy…. I really think this is the way we should spend EVERY day!

As promised, here is a teaser of Tanya & Alan.  There were so many of their wedding pictures that we absolutely loved that it makes it hard to choose which ones to show you, but I grabbed a few for you to enjoy!  The first is one from Pasadena City Hall and the second from the train tracks in Pasadena.  Congrats, you two — have fun in Hawaii!