So, right now we are sitting in bed with our little muchkin.  She’s watching Sesame Street with a baggie of cheerios and we are trying to see how long we can possibly stay in bed… I have a feeling it will not be much longer…

We are super exhausted because we had an awesome fun-packed weekend!  We started off the weekend photographing Christine & Greg’s fantabulous wedding in LA with their reception in Pasadena… and then the very next day were right back in Pasadena again for Tanya & Alan’s awesome wedding!  We are so excited about both sets of pictures and were reminded once again why we LOVE wedding photography!  Both couples were such troopers and were more than happy to let us traipse around the city!  I can’t even explain how much fun Donny & I had!!! (I think they had quite a bit of fun as well)

Our plans for today are threefold.  Relax. Relax. Relax.  :)   As soon as I get myself out of bed I plan on taking a shower, getting a pedicure and then our friend, Amy ( a past bride — turned good friend) will be coming to our house to give us some wonderful massages! — That’s right, she comes to our house!  How cool is that! Donny bought us a massage table so that Amy could come over after weddings!  LOVE IT!!

Well, here is a super teaser from Christine & Greg’s wedding!  We’ll be posting Tanya & Alan’s tomorrow!!