Well, right about now you are probably thinking, “…a blog…. I thought a blog was something that was updated often…”.  We know, we know.  We have been so busy lately!  However, we have had something up our sleeve that we have been spending our time on that has momentarily taken us away from our blog.  Are you ready? 

Our new portrait site  is now up and running!  Hooray!   We are so excited and want all of you to go check it out right now!  There’s lots to see!! (There are still a few things we need to finish updating, but we couldn’t wait to launch!!)  In addition, congratulations to our newest featured wedding, Kerry & Ira on our wedding site!  To see both the portrait and wedding site, simply go to the new splash page.   

 We can’t wait to hear your feedback!  Let us know what you think!