We always love when we hear back from our couples after the wedding. It means so much to us to hear their excitement and joy over their pictures. Here are a couple of recent letters we’ve received.


Dear Donny & Holly:

Kristin and I wanted to express our extreme thanks and everlasting gratitude for your wonderful assistance and support in making our wedding a truly special and wonderful event. We know that you must meet with hundreds of clients and we are still truly amazed at the individual attention that you and your work devote to each and every couple.

Since our wedding, we have obviously turned our focus to more pragmatic endeavors, however, having the opportunity to watch your work evolve and our wedding day be transformed from such a hectic, stressful and magical event to an immortal impression of our love through your work.

Again, many thanks, thoughts and prayers. We will definitely think of you when the little ones come, hopefully soon.

–Adam & Kristin Rush


Dear Donny & Holly,

We just want to tell you how great you both were as our photographers and friends at the wedding. You’re very patient, creative and professional. We knew you would be, but we look back with appreciation at the way you took everything in stride and helped to make the day one that will stand out as FABULOUS for the rest of our lives. We’ll be recommending you!

Muchas Gracias!

–Cheryl & Luis