So right now I am in FREEZING Illinois sitting in a gorgeous bank building that was built in the 1800ss.  It was restored a few years ago into a charming bed & breakfast.  It really is quite adorable.  When I left sunny Southern California it was a normal January day…mid 80s degree weather… and now I am in the low 20s.  Tomorrow it is supposed to get into the low teens and the following day I think it is supposed to warm up to like 8 degrees. :)   Funny enough, this is actually the coldest weather I have ever been in! — what can I say — I was born and raised in So Cal!  Tomorrow it might snow, so I am super excited!

Anyway, I am here at a photography workshop meeting a bunch of other very cool photographers and talking about the biz.  I don’t have any fancy pics to show because frankly my camera has been sitting in a bag all day, but I wanted to hop on here and tell you where I was and that if we are a bit delayed in answering phone calls or emails  — this is why.  I’ll be back at the end of this week.  If I have a chance, I will try to blog some pics while I am here.

As for me, I am going to go sit in the nice whirlpool bathtub and try to debrief myself on everything that I absorbed today!  Besides… it is rare that I get a chance to quietly take a bath, shower, or even eat without having a little one saying, “mommy….”