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Barton Family Shoot

Posted in Portraits by Holly

This family is awesome!  There are 7 kids – God help their mom, and they are all so polite and kind!  They were a joy to photograph!  We have been trying to get this photo shoot together for what feels like years, but scheduling both our schedules with the parents schedules and all 7 kids/young adults… not so easy!  We were so excited to finally be able to create some timeless memories for their family and for their walls!

My favorite style of family portraits below!  :)

And, while we are at it… I know there are some of you who have yet to schedule your family portraits!!  (I’m right there with you!)  We only have a couple more time slots available for the year- we fill up quickly… So if you are procrastinating, procrastinate no more.  Give us a call!



Krue- Southern California Newborn Photographers

Posted in Portraits by Holly

Little Krue is a most wonderful addition to the Heavenly Portraits family!  Ok, well, really he is an addition to Hannah & Ryan Morais’ family, but we consider all of our babies part of the HP fam!  We photographed Hannah & Ryan’s wedding & engagement session a few years back – and their maternity session as well (that one is still yet to be blogged).  They are an incredibly kind couple and their little baby was a JOY to photograph!  He was so precious – and at only 6 days old, I think I was his first play-date!  Well… I played, he mainly slept.



Kailey – Southern California Newborn Photographers

Posted in Portraits by Holly

This is the newest edition to Kerry & Ira’s family – little Miss Kailey!  Kerry & Ira were one of our past wedding couples and Kerry is actually an amazing wedding coordinator here in So Cal!  If you are looking for an event coordinator, you can find her at de Luxe Weddings and Events.

Back to Kailey… Soon after Kerry found out she was pregnant she called me and I began anxiously awaiting this fun photo shoot!  She was a little doll to photograph!  Here are some of my faves. :)



Baby Portraits: Isaiah

Posted in Portraits by Holly

Baby portraits.  Is there anything more adorable?  Every chance we get to photograph little babies is so special to us as we truly cherish how quickly they change.  It is amazing to see how much Isaiah has changed from the first time we photographed his cute little face during his newborn shoot.  We actually did another shoot of him recently, but thought I would post this one first!  …the next one will come soon!

I loved this first shot and how he seemed to get his legs all tangled up together!



What a cutie pie!




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SOOO CUTE…LOVE baby pics :)



High School Senior Portraits

Posted in Portraits by Holly

Right now Donny and I are gearing up not only for wedding season, but for high school senior photography season!  I thought it was a good time to finally post some of the awesome shots Donny got of Chlowe this past year (one of the MANY shoots I haven’t had a chance to post).  She was so much fun to work with and a great model!




Of course Donny couldn’t help but take her to a field!  Not only do we love fields, but the gorgeous blue sky was calling out begging to be a stunning backdrop!



Sun kissed!





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Very cool portraits. I love your compositions and lighting setups.

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