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Kelly & Keith’s Wedding – Vellano Country Club

Posted in Weddings by Holly

Kelly & Keith’s wedding was held at the Vellano Country Club in Chino Hills – Gorgeous location!!  We’ve got some more weddings coming up there and are really looking forward to them!  Kelly & Keith are a super adorable couple who we have enjoyed getting to know.  We got so many awesome pictures of their wedding that it truly is difficult to choose which ones to post, but I did my best. :)

The wedding was coordinated by the fabulous Kelly Michelle and her team at Kelly Michelle Weddings.  They were beyond awesome and so amazing to work with!!  It was also video’d by Vantage Point Productions.  Another joy to work with.

There were seriously SOOOO many adorable shots of Kelly laughing and enjoying herself during the ceremony.  It was great to see a bride so joyful and excited!

I shot this next shot in a little 2 ft x 3 ft space in a bar where there were tons of people and STUFF all around, but there was gorgeous light coming in from the window!  I think Kelly probably thought I was crazy until she saw the sequence of images I took there.  :)

There were no shortage of locations to photograph at this venue, however, we chose the parking lot for this next image.  Yeah, not likely you would have guessed that– but we are always looking for the best light and getting creative with where to shoot!

I love how this shows off her shoes! :)

Their first dance as husband and wife.

It was an amazing day with not only an amazing couple, but a great team of vendors to work with.  Kelly & Keith – thank you for allowing us to take part in one of the most special days in your life.


Michelle & Matt – Southern California Wedding Photographers

Posted in Weddings by Holly

Well, we have been so busy PHOTOGRAPHING weddings that we simply haven’t had time to blog them.  However, it is much overdue and I can’t wait to show off some of our fabulous weddings!  Michelle & Matt’s wedding was held at one of our favorite venues – Humphrey’s Estate in Temecula!  We had been looking forward to photographing Michelle & Matt since their engagement session- they are an amazing couple and so wonderful to photograph!  This first image is a puzzle that Matt sent Michelle right before the ceremony.  So sweet!

As part of their ceremony they put together this awesome puzzle!  It was very unique and special!

Seriously, what other venue has a real ride-on train?  LOL.  Love it!

I can’t tell you the amount of adorable pics we got of these two!  Weddings are so much fun!

Michelle apparently LOVES chocolate… hence the chocolate cake.  A girl after my own heart.


Sierra & Rick – Southern California Wedding Photographers

Posted in Engagements by Holly

Sierra & Rick’s wedding is coming up very soon and I am so excited!  Here is one of my favorites from their engagement session!



Sabrina & Sean’s Engagement

Posted in Engagements by Holly

So, Donny shot these awesome images of Sabrina & Sean only about a week before their wedding!  Talk about a practice run!  However, this couple was not one that needed a trial practice… they were quite comfy in front of the camera and had no problem pretending that Donny wasn’t even there!

I love how relational their images are.

This one was their favorite image!

Congrats you two!  Can’t wait to show off your wedding images as well!  :)



Cory & Holly’s Wedding – Los Angeles Wedding Photographers

Posted in Weddings by Holly

When Donny & I were dating & early on in our marriage we used to do youth ministry for a small Christian church.  We never knew then that God would move us into doing wedding photography!  Cory was one of the kids in the youth group.  It is crazy to think that he is now married, but we feel so blessed to have been able to be the photographers to document the day!

Cory & Holly were married at a private estate in Arcadia, CA.  We started off getting pics of her getting ready.

As the flower girl walked up the aisle, she so kindly turned around for a picture!  Love her!

If you were to ask me the number one shot that brides request –it’s this one!  The one of their groom the first time he sees his gorgeous bride walking down the aisle.  Cory’s expression touches me… I can’t imagine how it makes Holly feel!

I love the laughter and joy as her dad gives her away!

Cory’s dad is actually a preacher and the one who officiated the ceremony. :)

It was a pretty gloomy day, but for a brief minute during the ceremony, the sun popped it’s little head out.  It was as if God was shining down His blessings upon this union.

I love being able to photograph the parents & grandparents expressions during the ceremony.  We can usually get some very sweet and genuine emotion.

Boys will be boys…

Hey now… if you do it, we WILL document it!  :)

This flag was on the porch steps — since it also is the first letter of Cory & Holly’s last name, we grabbed it and used it for the picture!

The reception was chalk full of gorgeously decorated arrangements – from flowers to cupcakes.  Perfectly themed!

A moment captured at their outdoor reception during the prayer.

Cory & Holly – we are super excited for you as you start your lives together!  You guys are going to be amazing!  Blessings!!

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Dan Henry

What a lovely pictures, seriously amazing kind of pictures. The joy and emotion are pictured very well and the color combinations are used as needed. Congrats to the couple and thanks to you for providing these kinds of beautiful pictures.



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