So, it feels like it must be in the water right now!  So many people around me are expecting little babies!  The one I am most excited about is my little sis!  She is due in November and I can’t wait to meet my first little niece!  I have never been an auntie, so it’s gonna be pretty awesome to finally know what that feels like!

I’m also excited for Heidi & Dustin and what this will mean for them.  I have always dreamed of being a mom –I couldn’t wait!! However, the experience has been billions of times better than I even imagined.  I truly don’t think words can express the amount of love parents have for their children… nor the amount of JOY children bring to their lives.

While Heidi was visiting, I had the awesome opportunity to do her maternity photos.  As we were shooting, I found myself thinking about this little person in her belly that we will get to meet very soon!