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Marisa and I were good friends when we were in high school, but then we completely lost touch. Funny how years later, after we have both gone through college, gotten married, started our families and moved 30 minutes away from where we grew up, we ran into each other at a hair salon. Come to find out we only live about a mile away from one another! It’s been fun getting to know her again, having a local buddy to go hang out with, and having playdates with our kiddos!

Marisa just had her second son and — my goodness, he is a cutie! I don’t think I have ever seen a little one with so much hair on his head! She just scheduled his first hair cut!!! Too funny!

Donny & I had a great time photographing little Ethan and are so grateful for the opportunity to document this incredibly special time for the family!

Here is a sneak peek of our favorite two photos from his newborn session!