Well, with the holidays, we had so many shoots and we didn’t have time to blog them all, so I thought I would try to catch up a bit!  This family was so fun to photograph.  Having a daughter roughly the same age as the younger of their sons, we were mildly shocked at the differences between boys and girls.  We thought we had a pretty rambunctious and hyper little girl, but now know better.  Little boys are a whole different breed!  The boys were a crack up to watch.  They would rough-house and roll around on the ground… bang heads, whatever –no tears, just laughter.  They were a riot — which made the shoot that much more fun to photograph!





One of the things we love about family photography is being able to capture the family as they truly are.  Having everyone dog-pile on dad and watching the natural love and laughter shine through.  Those are the kinds of memories that these kids & their parents are going to remember forever.