My goodness it has been a crazy last few days…

We started off on Friday with an amazing wedding at Wilson Creek Winery for Erika & Young. It was a superb venue with an awesome group of vendors to work with! You will have to check in soon for a sneak peek! The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn (aka 7:30am –which is really early after a wedding) trying to get things done. Donny had a long day ahead of him… golfing! ;) I, on the other hand, was running around like crazy trying to get things done for Donny’s surprise party! It got pulled off well though and he was totally surprised! After church on Sunday, all three of us crashed! We were so exhausted! I asked Donny what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he really just wanted to spend time with the family. We went for a bike ride and enjoyed an evening at the park. Can I just say that I love that my hubby’s one desire for his bday is to spend time with his family. I am so blessed!

Today it was back to business as usual… four appointments, along with a mentoring session with an aspiring wedding photographer. We definitely have a crazy busy life, but we love every minute of it!

Here are a couple pics from the party!

Donny, Rattana & Cindy

Randy & Rachel

Donny & Kat

My aunts & mom

Donny & I

Me hamming it up with my brother, Howard