Well, if you haven’t noticed, Holly and I have been making a strong effort to blog even more than usual — so make sure you are checking in! :) I know Holly usually does the blogging for us, but I will try to chime in here as well… We also have been doing a bunch of little changes on the site… with many more to come as the summer progresses on. The first thing you will notice is the new top of our blog page with an intro! We just wanted to say hi and show you our gorgeous mug shots… well my Little Wifey’s gorgeous pic anyway!

In the past, we have kept our blog pretty much just business stuff, but we are going to start putting more of our personal life out on display here on the blog. Be ready for a little more of “us”. (Not that we are all that cool or exciting, but we think it will be a bit more fun to read)

So, one of my fave things to do is golf!  This weekend is the US Open… and I was supposed to be there!!  Holly had bought me tickets for Father’s Day, but a photography event came up and we had to sell them on ebay!  That was a bit tough to let go- seeing that the US Open has not been played in SoCal in 60 years!

As I was watching Saturday’s showdown, I found myself dreaming of being there… I supppose there is always next year!  Right now Tiger is in first with several others a stroke or two behind.  He owns Torrey Pines!!  And, he’s playing on one good leg.  …Two eagles on the back nine?  Are you kidding me?   If you have ever played golf before, you know that golf is NOT an easy sport.  I marvel at how easy he makes the game look. 

(Photo by Fred Vuich)

Anyways, more to come later.  I can’t wait to watch the final round of the US Open when we get home tomorrow!! I know its going to be awesome!!  Have an awesome day!!