So, my mom is pretty amazing. Right now she is in Nicaragua on a humanitarian mission. She has been co-leading these missions for about the past 10 years, usually twice a year. They ship down huge containers of food, clothing, medical supplies, furniture, computers — basically anything that can be used. People in Nicaragua make like $1 a day, yet clothing and food cost the same as they do in the US! Isn’t that insane!! They started doing these missions after Hurricane Mitch when the people were left there completely desolate. The rest of our family usually helps, but my mom is the one who is really fueling the mission. I am so impressed with her and how she has such a passion for this cause. She works so hard to get all the paperwork filed, load the containers, and gives up her own time to help others who are in need! Way to go Mom! You rock!

So, if you have a minute, please say a prayer for their trip — that they are able to reach those in need, along with safe travels home. Thanks!