Those Santa Ana winds have been pretty fierce over here.  Every year we think our roof is going to fly off (it’s concrete… not going to happen), but the winds are so strong that it seems like it.  We have a fireplace in our bedroom which is nice, romantic and toasty… but when those Santa Anas come, the wind circulates in the chimney and keeps me up all night.  I guess there’s often a good and bad side to things!

Well this week, the tree in our front yard blew down!  Luckily it blew toward the street instead of onto Laurel’s car that was in our driveway!  While most would seem pretty bummed about it falling and having to pay for someone to come and haul it off, Holly and I were excited!  We had planned on, eventually, getting rid of that tree and planting a new one!  :)   I’m thinking liquid amber trees, or as I often call them, “change color trees”.  Yay!  I would love to have a whole yard full of change color trees.