Well… I just got home from a trip with my family up to the Yosemite area.  Donny & I both love Yosemite… but part of my love for Yosemite isn’t just the beautiful valley, but the fact that every time I go to Yosemite, I get the chance to see my Great Grandpa & Grandma.  I know many of you might think –whoa — GREAT gpa?  Yes, I have been blessed to have had not only both sets of my grandparents alive all these years, but one set of Great Grandparents!  Well, this past week my Great Grandfather passed away. 

While it is very sad, it is also fulfilling to know that he lived an amazing life.  He was hoping to make it to 100 years old, and he got to 94, so that’s not too bad!  He was an amazing Christian man and someone who I always looked forward to seeing!  One of my favorite things was how he would sit and tell me stories of the wars, how they survived the depression, how he fell in love with my Great Gma, etc… The stories he would tell would just amaze me… like during the depression how they would burn corn to stay warm instead of coal because coal was so expensive!  How he would sweep the neighborhood store for 10 cents when he was a little kid… How he drove his family down the California coastline at nightime with the car lights OFF because they were worried about being bombed… the stories were endless and yet I have always loved listening to every word.

I will post some more later from our trip, but here is a picture of my my G Gpa with our daughter last year.  He was so excited to become a Great Great Grandfather!!