So this week was a fun one!  We have been trying to play catch-up from being gone last week and yet still trying to spend lots of time with our daughter.  She is amazing us daily.  We don’t know how she learns the things she does!  This week we discovered that she knows the letter names of about 7 letters!  She is only a year and a half old!  All we can say is, “Thank you, Sesame Street”.  However, she also learned how to do a few other things this week…

Luckily, she was only coloring with a bar of soap!!!  Very easy to clean off.  Lesson learned today: Don’t allow kids to play in the bathroom alone for even a minute!  :)


Too cute.  


Other than that, we are looking forward to Friday’s wedding with Erika & Young.  You may remember their awesome engagement session that we did with them before (the one with the couch in the field!).  We have a feeling tomorrow is going to be super fun!