Buenos Dias!  I feel compelled to share some of the joy that I have experienced in the last few days.  All of them are related to cleaning our home…  we have spent the past couple of days deep cleaning and moving our office from downstairs to upstairs.   Let me tell you- I have not had this much fun in a LONG TIME!! Who would have thought that cleaning would be so much fun?!?! Today I will share about our born-again kitchen appliance and tomorrow I will share about a couple of new toys….

When Holly and I purchased our home several years ago, we were super excited about one appliance in particular- the dishwasher.  This thing could do it all- we were told to put any dirty dish into the machine and it would come out clean.  It had a built in garbage disposal to grind up any food…. let me tell you, doing dishes was a blast and a snap.  We would marvel at how clean our dishes were….and we offered up every conceivable challenge to this dishwasher…and it rocked every time!!

But like all good dreams, this one came to an end.  After about a year, we began to notice that the dishes didn’t look sparkling clean anymore- in fact, some had some extra residue on them and required rewashing.   After a couple of years, the performance of the dishwasher got to the point where the dishes seem to be dirtier AFTER the wash cyle than before we put them in!  The washing blades had a ton of mineral buildup from our hard water- the dishwasher was relegated to a joke. 

I’m not sure why, but this past Sunday night I felt compelled to do something about it. 

The story is a bit better to tell in person rather than write ALL the details, so suffice it to say that after using a couple of new detergents (one of them is a lemon-based detergent that my mom found somewhere) and another supplement called “Glass Magic,”  we now have a brand new dishwasher!!!  After the first cycle, all of the mineral buildup inside was gone…  The machine looked brand-spanking new!!!  And the dishes…..the dishes looked amazing and clean!!! 

Thinking this was a fluke, I ran another cycle on another set of dishes and the result was even better- our dishwasher was back to its glory days of when we first had it!!! 

Doing the dishes the past several days carries with it a newfound thrill and exilleration.  Like a little kid awaiting a present from Santa, I find myself anxiously awaiting the end of a wash cycle to find out just how clean the dishes will be….  its almost an obsession!!! 

I know, it sounds very wierd and abnormal, but you have to understand that I am a guy who is pretty easily amused.  And if you found that entertaining, wait until you hear about how much fun I had working on our carpets….more on that tomorrow.  I’m off now to give our dishwasher a new challenge!