So, we have been so crazy busy these past few months that I have major cabin fever.  I feel like I have rarely been able to take our daughter out to the park or even been able to do the *necessary* girl things like shopping… lol… Not that there is anything I want, but for some reason that is relaxing to me. Does anyone else feel that way?  So, today, I am taking the day off and going shopping!!!  :)   …that is, for a few hours until Donny takes me out… he’s got something up his sleeve for most of the day….

Actually, the only real thing I have wanted is what I call a “baby camera.”  No, it’s not for a baby.  It’s just a small, non professional camera — you know, the one most families have!  Although I don’t want to use it all that often because it doesn’t feel right not having all the options and quality that our pro cameras have, it does come in handy when we don’t want to be carrying our huge cameras and lenses.  … Donny has never really appreciated my desire for one of these little cameras.  He finds it humorous that we are awaiting a few 5D Mark IIs and yet I still want something cute and little!  Nonetheless, a pretty package came in the mail yesterday!  Thank you honey!