Ok, so most people have one wedding dress, right? Well, Erika has two. She has the one she will be wearing for the wedding, and then the one she used for the engagement session! :) Erika & Young got all dazzled up and let us play! We took them all over the city and then to our current favorite field. I have had this antique sofa that I have been dying to use for a long time (it has been buried in my parent’s garage) and we were able to get it out for the shoot! It couldn’t have been more perfect!

We LOVE the color on these next two images!

Gotta love the infrared shot!

We’ve had this vision of a bride and groom in a field with a sofa for a long time, so this was really fun for us!

Yeah for sun flare!


Congrats you guys! We can’t wait to shoot your wedding at Wilson Creek Winery in a few months!