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December, 2010

Michelle & Matt’s Engagement Part 2

Posted in Engagements, Portraits by Holly

As promised… some more of their engagement images!

LOVE, LOVE this next image!!

I can’t get over his dimples in this shot.  So adorable!!

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[...] Estate in Temecula!  We had been looking forward to photographing Michelle & Matt since their engagement session- they are an amazing couple and so wonderful to photograph!  This first image is a puzzle that [...]



Charlie Sneak Peek!

Posted in Portraits by Holly

Had WAY too much fun photographing this little gift!  Newborn photography is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to shoot!  Can’t wait to show you more!



Merry Christmas!! – Southern California Photographers

Posted in Personal, Portraits by Holly

I must say that I love getting our family pictures done… well in theory that is!  Being photographers, we really cherish our photos and the priceless memories that they create for us.  Donny and I are constantly looking back at pics of our kids and thinking, “I don’t remember them looking like that” or “oh yeah – remember when they did that!” We are so grateful for the memories that we are able to document for our children.   … All that to say that we try to do a family photo shoot at least twice a year and although I look forward to it, I know in advance that it is going to be stressful — well, doing anything with 3 kids under 3 is!

I will never forget driving to this location (stressed out after getting all the kids ready and in the car) and telling Donny how I had curled my hair (twice actually) but I should have bought a different hair spray because this one clearly wasn’t working… and our oldest daughter tells me, “Mommy, you are supposed to be content with what you have.”  LOL… coming from my three year old!!!  It made me stop and laugh and think about what really mattered.  What mattered is that we were together.  That we would have awesome photos of our family. That we were blessed to be able to have something tangible to help us remember what life was like at this point in time.

So as you celebrate with your families this weekend, I encourage you to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of traveling, gift exchange, etc. to enjoy this stage in life.  Enjoy your families.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and wonderful Christmas!

P.S.  Thank you to Mae & Michael for our family pics!!

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I love what you said on the blog…and I love this pic! Merry Christmas Havenhills



Michelle & Matt’s Engagement

Posted in Engagements, Portraits by Holly

We are in the middle of doing bunches of engagement sessions right now, so I thought it was only fitting to post one of our more recent ones.   This is Michelle and Matt — their wedding is in 2011 at the Humphrey’s Estate in Temecula (a venue we are just in love with).  Their engagement session was super fun and I LOVE all the shots we got.  I think I will break this into two parts… so you will have to come back in a few days to see the rest!

Every once in a while we get a bride ask if we get the “traditional shots”… I guess we don’t always post the “straight on, smile at the camera shots” because we like to post images that will show a bit more of our artistic and creative sides.   But, yes, we definitely take them!  Moms and Grandmas would be very unhappy otherwise!  LOL.  I thought I would include this one as proof! :)



Kristen & Shea – Orange County Wedding Photographers

Posted in Weddings by Holly

I’ve been blogging so many of our portrait sessions lately, that I think it’s time we show off some weddings… so here you go!  We started photographing Kristen & Shea’s wedding with her at the hotel.  Donny & I had a great time playing with the fun red wall in the hotel room.

We each took a different “take” on her shoes and I couldn’t choose whose I liked more, so here are both of them for you!  –Besides, who doesn’t love detail shots!

I just loved the natural light pouring in on Kristen as her bridesmaids helped her put her wedding dress on.

Kristen & Shea’s wedding and reception were held at a venue we always love shooting at – the Muckenthaler Mansion in Orange County.

Such great emotion as her and her dad walked up the aisle.

Um… I have no idea what spurred on the “manhug”.  These guys were a riot and so much fun to photograph!

Love this next image.

This is kind of a fun set.  Whenever Donny & I shoot our weddings together (most of the time), we try and get a “different take” on each location for our bride & groom.  Here we have them in the same location doing the same thing, yet photographed from two different angles with two different artistic eyes.

The colors for the decor were so vibrant and beautiful!

I loved how Shea was updating his marriage status on Facebook while still at the reception!  So cute!  …speaking of facebook, have you “liked” us yet? What are you waiting for? :)

Their first dance.

Congrats Kristen & Shea!  You two were wonderful to work with and we wish you many, many happy years together!

Wedding & Reception Venue: Muckenthaler Mansion

Catering: Colette’s Catering

Florist: Urban Gardener – Tiffany Greenleaf

DJ: Battleson Entertainment – Geoff Maddox

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Can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have been bloggin so much :) Love these pics!! so the question is which one of the 2 shoots that are at the same location is yours and which one is Donny’s?……



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