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November, 2010

Southern California Baby Photography Teaser!

Posted in Portraits by Holly

This photo shoot was amazing and I got all kinds of shots that I have wanted to be able to get – like this one!  Check back soon for the rest of the shoot!



Love it! Good job…Adorable for sure! :)


Are you Kidding me…. this is WAYYYY too CUTE!!!! LOVE it

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10 years of JOY!!

Posted in Personal, Portraits, Weddings by Holly

Today marks Donny & I’s 10 year anniversary!  I am so excited to celebrate with him and have the chance to reminisce over all that we have been blessed with over this time.  I truly have the most awesome and loving husband and am am grateful for days like today where I can focus on how blessed I am to have him in my life!!  I thought I would surprise him and post a loveblog for him…

Hey love!  It feels like it was only yesterday that we were two young teens falling in love…  giddy and trying to figure out who held who’s hand first….

Two kids excited about playing house and looking forward to where God would take us.

We’ve come a long way from just the two of us…

To our first little angel joining our family…

And then two more joys entering our lives…

I know life is often absolutely crazy, sleepless, way too busy and usually looks like this-

But there is no one else I would rather share my life with.  I look forward to raising our family together and continuing to grow closer to you as the years go by.  I love you!! 



Love you two…you’ve made a wonderful family with God at the center of it. Dad and I are very proud of all of you. Can’t wait to babysit tonight….have fun!!

Tanya Skaf

Awesome pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!! <3333 The Skaf's wish you many more years together!!


Absolutely, beautiful. I love you 5. Happy Anniversary.


This is so sweet! Congratulations and Happy (belated) Anniversary!

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Soren – Newborn Baby Photography

Posted in Portraits by Holly

I am just in love with photographing newborns!  This little guy was way too much fun.  He was perfectly happy letting me play and get all kinds of fun shots of him!  I’ve been waiting to share some of these shots and this is the first chance I have had. :)   Such a cutie!

He even gave me a little smile!

He looks so cozy in this cocoon wrap!



Simply adorable. What a gorgeous baby. Great shots!


Make me want to have another baby!!!! super cute :)

Maria E. ~

What a sweet little bundle of joy you have been blessed with!!

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Avery – Baby Photography- Part 2

Posted in Portraits by Holly

Little Avery is as precious as she looks!  I promised more pics of this little angel and here you go!

I just love these pics of her in the field!  That dress is super cute!

Yeah, she’s pretty darn beautiful as well!

Gorgeous eyes!!!  … I’m also secretly jealous of all that hair.  Avery and our twins are only a week apart in age and our daughter still doesn’t even have enough for us to put a bow in it!!!

We couldn’t help but take a few pics of the beautiful family as well.

By the way… if you are looking to get your family photos done before Christmas, our schedule is getting pretty full – so call/email asap! Have an awesome day!


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