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August, 2010

Isaiah – Baby Photography

Posted in Portraits by Holly

Isaiah is another one of our graduates from our Baby’s First Year program!  We have been blessed to be able to photograph him several times since his birth!  It’s amazing how time flies and how quickly he has grown up.  Here are some of my faves from this family session.

Love this shot of the two brothers!  

Two pretty cute kids, if you ask me.

Mama & her two boys!



Kaiya’s Newborn Pictures!

Posted in Portraits by Holly

This was one of the most fun baby shoots ever.  Kaiya was a precious SLEEPY model… and we really can’t ask for more than that!  We have been on such a high with newborn pics lately. I feel like I have re-discovered a passion and can’t wait to shoot some more babies!  Anyone have a little one cook’n?  We’d love to photograph your gift when he/she arrives!  :)

Proud new mama and her baby!  Love, love how Kaiya has a little smile on her face!

And Daddy with his little girl! …grrr. wish my logo didn’t cut off the cuteness of her toes!

Sweet and soft…

I really like this one too!

All wrapped up!

And we can’t resist showing off one of Kaiya’s cute hanging shots! Hope you enjoyed seeing her pics as much as we enjoyed taking them!  Which one was your favorite?


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Payten Ashley – Baby Photography

Posted in Portraits by Holly

I feel so blessed every time we get to photograph little Payten!  She is no stranger to this blog as we have been documenting her life since before she was even born with her parents engagement, wedding, and pregnancy!  Along with several sessions since she was born!  She is now a little over a year old and full of life!Can’t get enough of that cute little face!

I just LOVE these little curls!  

This image just makes me laugh.  I love her expression!

Smiley baby!

Then she started really warming up to us!

Thanks for being such a beautiful model little Payten!  Can’t wait until the next time!

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Great Aunt Kimmy

Love Love Love the beautiful pictures of my great niece!! Payten, Aunt Kimmy loves you!

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Mason – Newborn Photography

Posted in Portraits by Holly

We had oodles of fun photographing Mason! First off, he is the son of another one of our past wedding couples — Melissa & Jeremy!  So not only did we get to photograph a sweet little munchkin, but we got to hang out and catch up with Melissa & Jeremy and find out how life has been since their wedding!  It is always really special to us when our wedding clients come back to us for their baby pics!  We feel so honored and excited about sharing in this next milestone in their lives.

I LOVE these first shots in the metal bin!

Seriously, everytime I see this pic I want to kiss him and pinch his little cheeks.  These are the freaking cutest lips ever!

I was a little nervous when we started shooting because he was already a month old (we really like to get our babies in to photograph in the first two weeks).  However, my fears were all for nothing.  He was such a good baby!  He slept well for us and allowed us to play!

I just love the detail of his little fingers here.

He was such a cutie in these hanging shots!

He reminds me of a little peanut. :)

Do you see how sweetly he is smiling! Such a sweet little man!

Melissa & Jeremy – it was such a wonderful treat being able to photograph your little one!  We look forward to the next time!


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Mason Sneak Peek! – Newborn Photography

Posted in Portraits by Holly

This little guy was quite the cutie!  We just finished up our viewing session with them and so I wanted to post a quick pic!  I loved this shoot and can’t wait to post more!


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