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December, 2008

Melody’s Newborn Photos

Posted in Weddings by Holly

April & Julius were friends of mine when in High School. We used to sing & dance in show choir together…  Music has always been a huge part of their lives.  So, when I heard that they named their daughter Melody, it seemed to fit so well!

We were blessed to be able to photograph her newborn pics.  She is an absolute doll!

When we walked in to their home and saw April’s piano, we knew that would be a perfect spot for a photo of Melody!

Congrats on your little gift!  She is beautiful!


oooh how precious!

cherie yost

tell them I said hello and congrats…what a little cutie!

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Amy’s Maternity Photos

Posted in Portraits by Holly

We had the awesome opportunity to photograph another one of our past brides maternity photos!  Amy has actually become one of my closest friends as well, so these shots were extra special!  Here is a sneak peek!



LOVE IT!!! cant wait to see more :)


Soooo Cute!! Amy looks beautiful as always!

AWWW! So cute! ^_^ What a happy lady! :-D

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Diana and Miguel’s Wedding

Posted in Weddings by Donny

Diana & Miguel are one of those couples that you can’t help but fall in love with.  They are so friendly and genuine.  Their love for one another is apparent in every way and it was a blessing to be able to capture their wedding day story.

We started off the day at Diana’s family’s house where she got ready.

I loved her shoes!

Diana’s family was so supportive as they awaited her arrival downstairs.

At the church, Miguel was greeting family & friends.  He is so sweetly sentimental and was already full of emotion.

It was kind of stormy that day, which led to awesome clouds!!

After the wedding, we headed on over to the Huntington Hyatt and took pics at the beach first.  The ladies were quite fun!!

The guys were a blast as well!

And a couple pics of the whole crew together.

And we can’t forget the adorable couple!

The way that Miguel looks at Diana just makes me smile. It is constantly evident how much he adores her.

We had the pleasure of working with Ruth Wang and her team from Behind the Scene — a fabulous coordinator who made sure that every detail was perfect and that the day ran smoothly!  Here is the gorgeous room at the Hyatt where their reception took place.

They had a very intimate first dance.

This reception had so many talented dancers!  People were jamming and pulling out dance moves that were so fun to capture!  Everyone had a great time!

One last shot of Diana & Miguel at the Hyatt… couldn’t help but sneak them out of their reception for a few minutes to play!


Erika Pena

I love the pictures………

Love the walking down by the mini-lighthouse. Seriously hot. :)

Erik Miguel

Really like your shoe images and the images on the beach – great work!

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One Rock’n Family

Posted in Weddings by Holly

You are going to love the pics from this session!



OMG !!! I can already tell these are giong to be great pics…. Can’t wait to see more :)

cherie yost

okay where are they?!! I want to see!

BTW- thanks for letting us hang out tonight with you guys. We left remined of why we love you so much :)

ps- just in case you missed it…we think you rock!

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Posted in Weddings by Holly

Oh, the sweetness of a newborn baby!  More to come soon!


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