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November, 2008

Lisa and Tim’s Engagement Session

Posted in Engagements by Donny

Hey!  We hope everyone is busy enjoying themselves this weekend!  We see Christmas lights going up everywhere and we are starting to realize that we are in the Christmas season!  We can’t believe the holidays are upon us!  One of our yearly goals has been to get Christmas lights up…  Obviously since it continues to be a goal, it hasn’t happened yet.  I really wanted to do it this year, but looking at our schedule I don’t know how/when we are going to fit that in!  I’m wondering, do you think it will look weird if I put them up in, say, February when I have a bit more time?  Then they will be ready for next year, right????  Hmmmm….

Anyways, here is a quick peek at Lisa and Tim’s session at the Mission San Juan Capistrano!  The rest of their images will be up on the blog shortly.


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Romero Family Teaser

Posted in Portraits by Holly

Happy Day after Thanksgiving.  I know most everyone is probably either sitting around will full bellies wishing they wouldn’t have eaten that last slice of pumpkin pie yesterday or out hitting all those shopping sales…  We, on the other hand, are off to shoot our last wedding of the year!  Fun!!

We had an awesome day yesterday.  We started off our day delivering food to homeless and/or families in need and then headed off to my aunt’s house for a family party.  I have a pretty large family, so it is always fun to be able to get together with everyone!  I love Thanksgiving… I believe it is so important to take the time to reflect on what we are thankful for — I feel that I am abundantly blessed in so many ways and am constantly amazed at God’s love and provision.

In addition to my own family, there is a family that I am very grateful for –one that is near and dear to my heart.  We had the opportunity to photograph them this past week.  Here is a quick look at one of their pics… more to come later.


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Candice and Phil’s Engagement Session

Posted in Engagements by Holly

Candice & Phil were a blast to photograph.  They are the cutest couple.  They really enjoy one another’s company and enjoy being goofy and having a good time!  We even got a chance to hang out at dinner afterwards which was fun.  Here are some of their shots.

What can I say…I’m slightly feet obsessed…

This is one of my fave pictures from the shoot.  I love the casual nature of it!

Like I said, they could be a bit goofy!

And sweetly romantic…

Back to goofy again!

Fun shot!

Ok, this was Donny’s view…

And my view…

Congrats you two!  We can’t wait to photograph your wedding!


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Aimee and Chad: Pasadena City Hall

Posted in Weddings by Holly

Donny and I often walk away from our weddings completely in awe of how fabulous they are — how well planned, how gorgeously decorated, how stunning the venues are, and of course how great the couples are!  This was definitely one of those weddings.  We remembered from Aimee & Chad’s engagement session that they were a really fun and laid back couple who just wanted to be able to enjoy themselves.  What makes them stand out in my mind is how much they enjoy laughing together.  We definitely got quite a few shots that will show their joy!!

When we showed up to the hotel, the first thing I went looking for was Aimee’s dress.  When I saw it, I asked her WHY she hadn’t told me how gorgeous it was previously!  It was stunning.  She was stunning. Here is a shot of her as she was getting ready.

Chad was looking pretty studly himself as he was getting ready for the big day.

I love the movement in this shot as the brothers were helping each other get ready.

Love this shot of Chad putting his ring on.

The ceremony was held at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena.  You may recognize the venue as it was the ceremony location at the beginning of the movie, The Wedding Planner.  Love that movie!

I’m kinda jealous that Donny got this shot.

Driving away in their Rolls Royce

Seriously, these three brothers could not be more handsome!

Totally fun!

The ladies were so attentive to Aimee and truly seemed like they were there for anything she needed.

Their reception was held at the Pasadena City Hall.  It is a fabulous venue with many cool places to shoot at.  We loved the spiral staircase and how the light was illuminating Aimee from both the front and back!

Don’t you just love seeing a joyful bride on her wedding day!

Playing on the staircase…

Ummm… who shot this one?…  I think Donny is using the reflection from the Rolls to get Aimee & Chad in front of the City Hall.  Fun!

Mmmm… all the food was delicious, even the Hors d’Oeurves looked scruptuous.

Everything was decorated gorgeously with huge bouquets of flowers and gorgeous linens.

The outside of Pasadena City Hall lit up at night.

Amiee greeting her guests.

So in the middle of the reception, Aimee grabs the microphone and starts singing to Chad.  It was fully unplanned and awesome!  I had no idea that it was completely impromptu!

Aimee and Chad laughing during the toasts.

Aimee & Chad, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding.  It was spectacular in every way.  We wish you two many blessings upon your marriage!

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cherie yost

wow! this is beautiful!

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Candice and Phil’s Engagement Session

Posted in Engagements by Holly

We took Candice and Phil’s engagement pictures on the streets of downtown Long Beach.  Fun Shots.  Can’t wait to share more, but for now, here is one of my favorites.


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