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September, 2008

Tanya and Alan’s Trash The Dress Session

Posted in Portraits, Weddings by Donny

We have so many awesome photographs from Tanya and Alan’s Trash the Dress Session that I don’t even know where to start…  Here are just a couple to peek your curiosity!

You don’t want to miss the rest! We’ll be posting those pretty soon!



AMAZING!!!! these are some HOT shots!!!


Stunning and soooo sexy!!


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LUV THEM….can’t wait to see the rest of them on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jenn & Mike’s Engagement Session

Posted in Engagements by Holly

My goodness… Can I just say that life is so great!  Seriously!  I feel so blessed right now.  We have been pretty much booked solid day in and day out for months now and we are constantly trying to make sure that we get some time alone, time together, and plenty of giggle time with our daughter.  Although the time alone part only really happens around midnight when I am still editing pictures on the computer, the time I get to spend with our daughter and Donny just melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

Ok, enough sappy emotional stuff… on to the pictures!!!

Jenn told us that she was pretty nervous about doing the session because she REALLY wanted the pics to come out well…. I assure you, there will be no shortage of “must have” photos from their session!  We had way too much fun and are loving going through the images!  I know Jenn is a daily blog reader, so I’m sure she and Mike will enjoy this quick sneak peek!



I’m gonna cry! Thank you so much Donny and Holly! We are so excited to be seeing our pictures soon.


I really like the last picture! Jenn, your hair looks great!


Wow! If these are samples of what the rest of the pictures will be, I can’t wait to see them! Even though I’m VERY prejudiced, I knew these two would take beautiful pix together–they are both beautiful people both inside and out! I can’t wait for the wedding!
“Mother of the Groom”

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More Maternity Photography!!

Posted in Portraits by Donny

Jaime wanted an outdoor setting for her maternity photos, which we were super excited to do!  Don’t pregnant women just look gorgeous!!!

I know Jaime is anxious to see some pics, so here are a few of my favorites! Enjoy!

Gotta love a pregnant mommy in heels!!  :)

Someone’s really excited to be a big brother!

One of my favorite shots from the session!… what can I say… I really love sunflare!

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[...] may remember Jaime’s maternity photo session that we did… well, she had her little baby — and Leighla is a doll!  She is [...]

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Pregnancy Photos

Posted in Personal, Portraits by Holly

So, it feels like it must be in the water right now!  So many people around me are expecting little babies!  The one I am most excited about is my little sis!  She is due in November and I can’t wait to meet my first little niece!  I have never been an auntie, so it’s gonna be pretty awesome to finally know what that feels like!

I’m also excited for Heidi & Dustin and what this will mean for them.  I have always dreamed of being a mom –I couldn’t wait!! However, the experience has been billions of times better than I even imagined.  I truly don’t think words can express the amount of love parents have for their children… nor the amount of JOY children bring to their lives.

While Heidi was visiting, I had the awesome opportunity to do her maternity photos.  As we were shooting, I found myself thinking about this little person in her belly that we will get to meet very soon!



I love these pics!!! I cant wait to take mine :) all these baby bumbs… it is just an amazing miracle

cherie yost

the last is my fave :) I wish I had a sister!


The last is my favorite too!


These are beautiful! I love that last picture of her in the jeans.


Very sweet. Nice job. Can’t wait to see my great niece. ;-)


I love these pictures. So beautiful. I am sure Dustin likes them too. When did her boobs get so big?! : )


The last one is my favorite of all the ones she sent me. There are some other ones that are really good (I think better than the other two posted), but Dustin isn’t that fond of the idea of them being on the internet. Rachel, in response to your question- pregnancy carries more blessings than just the one growing inside. God is good! ;D

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ABC Event

Posted in Weddings by Donny
Here’s the slideshow of the awesome ABC event at Oak Creek Golf Club.  Enjoy!



What great photos… I love al the fall flowers they reminded me of our wedding. Hey it is three years tomorrow !!!!!


That’s right Amy! Wow! Time flies so quickly! Your wedding was so beautiful! Can’t wait to take pics of that cute baby bump — another month or two! :)

[...] out the photos below or see the full slide show from Heavenly [...]

[...] out the photos below or see the full slide show from Heavenly [...]

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