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August, 2008

We’re here!!

Posted in Portraits by Holly

My goodness it has been a wild couple weeks! I know we have been neglecting the blog a little bit, but we’ve had some awesome stuff going on. So, I think I will fill you in a bit on what’s happening over here!

First off we have been mildly obsessed with the Olympics. I have been staying up way too late to watch gymnastics… kind of glad that is over because although we have TIVO, I still can’t help but watch it live … which meant going to bed at 1am many times!

Second we have taken some time to do family things like going to the zoo and the beach… trying to squeeze in some “fun in the sun” days before summer ends! We’ve also spent countless hours just staring at our girl and being mesmerized by her giggles and all the things she’s learning!

Third — lots of shoots! Obviously it is wedding season, so that is kind of keeping us slammed, but we’re also enjoying doing more senior photo sessions as the school year approaches! Way too much fun!

Fourth –We hired a new assistant to work with us here in the office, so we are super excited and have been busily training her and getting her up to speed. She totally rocks and we will be formally introducing her a bit later.

Fifth — My little sis is in town from Washington, so I have been trying to spend as much time with her as possible between shoots and meetings! She’s 7 months pregnant too, so of course we did a maternity photo session of her and her cute baby bump!

So that’s that in a nutshell! Hope all of you have been enjoying the Olympics as well!

Here are a few shots from Lauren’s senior shoot! More to come later!

We’re off to Robert & Mary’s wedding at Surf & Sand in Laguna today! I can just “feel” that it is going to be awesome! :)



Gorgeous shots!!

Amanda Reed

These look fabulous! Spend as much time with that little gal as possible. My girl starts first grade in 2 more days. I feel like I have a rain cloud over me as we prepare for her to go back. So precious, the gift God gives us to be parents over such miracles.

cherie yost

I can’t wait to see your new sessions :)


WOW! You’re busy and Lauren looks GREAT! I am excited to see more pics as you continue updating!

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Senior Photography

Posted in Portraits by Donny

This week has been great! We finally got the opportunity to photograph Heath’s Senior Pics and they were so much fun. He is such a natural model and we have a slew of totally awesome shots to share! Here’s just a couple as a sneak peek!

Don’t forget to check back in! Coming soon to a blog near you:

Erika & Young’s Slideshow, Heath’s full senior session, a baby session, a toddler, and of course more weddings! :)



Fun shots! I really like the railroad track pic! One would think he grew up in the country.


Nice shots! I too love the railroad shot…..

Amanda Reed

Nice perspective on that railroad shot!

cherie yost

good golly folks! You are busy!!! If I do a session this weekend by you I want to stop by and say hi…if you are home :)


railroad tracks … I heart railroad tracks! Love that shot!

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A Wine Country Wedding

Posted in Weddings by Holly

You may remember Erika & Young’s striking images from their engagement session — the fun ones in the field with the antique yellow couch?  Well, if you saw those, you must have known that we would have no problem getting some pretty stunning images of their wedding!

Erika & Young are one of those couples that Donny & I could totally hang out with on a normal basis. They are kind, considerate and caring — and then they have this crazy wild side of them that cracks us up!  We completely appreciated how much confidence they placed in us and our artistic abilities.  When I was making some unconventional suggestions for their engagement session, Erika said, “Holly — I completely trust you.  I know that you guys could place us in a SEWER and still get phenomenal pictures!”  …definitely our type of bride!  :)

As you can see from the pic below, the wedding and reception were held at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula— a pretty spectacular venue!

Erika’s dress hanging in the background…

The wedding rings

Erika getting ready…

We had a pretty awesome line-up of vendors for the day with Diana coordinating the event.  Everything went so smoothly and I think the ceremony even started EARLY!  Amazing!  Can’t wait to work with her again in September for Amiee & Ricky’s wedding.  Here is a shot of the ceremony site with flowers done by Petals by Xavi.  They did a fantastic job!

Erika had quite the grand entrance with this beautiful staircase!

I love this shot — with Erika’s father on the left side of the frame waiting to walk her down the aisle.

I think Erika must have been “cueing” the guests here to sing “All You Need Is Love” (which they did and everyone sang it as they walked down the aisle).

Angela & Amanda from Ricadonna Salon did Erika’s hair & make up for the day.  They were pretty amazing; they were probably there for most of the day– staying right up until the reception making sure that Erika’s make-up was perfect through each stage of the day! Talk about dedication!

I love the genuine smiles we were able to capture of the two of them laughing!

Wilson Creek has just completed their new building where the reception was held.  The circular staircase is beautiful and we had so much fun getting all kinds of shots in there!

Of course, the vineyards are a stunning backdrop as well!

Erika told me in advance that she wanted us to capture everyone’s goofy personalities and all the embarrassing things they did!  We are always happy to do so! ;)   Don’t worry Erika… we have plenty of blackmail shots on their way to you!

You can see on the table that Erika & Young provided all their guests with some yummy Almond Champagne with labels that had one of their engagement pics on it!

The delicious 5 tier cake, by Bo Cakes.

And the guest sign in book, which the guests raved about!  Hee hee…

As the bride & groom, happily married, walked onto the dance floor.

For Erika & Young’s first dance, they had planned out with the DJ this elaborate staged first dance where after they started the slow dance, the music would mess up, everyone was confused and then they broke out into an amazing funky r&b dance fully choreographed!  I was laughing my head off behind the camera!  I’m sure Paul & Francisco from Blue Sky Videos got some amazing coverage of the dance!

Erika & Young — you two were a complete joy to work with. We have so many more awesome shots to share with you and we can’ t wait to do so.  Thank you for letting us share in your wedding day!

Make sure to check back in soon for the slideshow!!


cherie yost

what a great place to have a wedding. You two really worked it :) Where’s the slideshow?

What an awesome location guys! :)

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Surf’s Up!

Posted in Engagements by Holly

Wow!  This summer is zooming by!  We are enjoying doing lots of weddings and portrait shoots and we’ve even managed to squeeze in some fun family time!  We went to the LA Zoo the other day — we didn’t bring our camera, but it was totally cool!  I got a bit sun-burned, but our girl loved seeing all the animals!

We also had the chance to take Aimee & Chad’s super awesome engagement photos.  We can’t wait to show more, but for now, here is a sneak peek!


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Papa and His Girl

Posted in Personal by Donny

I am loving being a father! Every day is something new and exciting. One of the things I have been working on is learning how to do our daughter’s hair! It’s not as easy as it looks — I am amazed at how Holly can get her hair into these tiny little rubberbands that I can barely fit around my finger! I’ve been working on it though!!

I’m not the only one who wants to do hair though!  She decided it was only fair if she did mine too!  It was so cute how she would grab my face and move my head down so that she could see the top of my head!


cherie yost

he, he….Doug needs to see this!


Hahahah! These are great! :) So cute!

Amanda Reed

My daughter is obsessed with her long hair and yet refuses to let me put it up. Ever notice how they will sit perfectly still for someone other than mom and dad to do their hair!

Denise Olson

Just precious!! and yes, those lit’l rubber bands are a challenge for wee ones!! But he should be proud that he did it and did it quite well.

Amy Broughton

I love seeing all your awesome family pictures. I’m a bit jealous how you have these very beautiful professional pictures for all your family moments!!! VERY fun. Glad to see you are doing well :-)

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