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July, 2008

A Temecula Winery Wedding

Posted in Weddings by Holly

What can we say about Erika & Young’s gorgeous Temecula Winery wedding except that it was fabulous in every way! We are still going through the billions of pictures we took on the day of, but wanted to share with you a few that stood out to us.

First off –Erika & Young as they walked down the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife!

And this gorgeous shot of Erika in the barrel room of Wilson Creek Winery.

So many more to come!! I know this is a complete teaser, so you will want to be checking in! We have been super busy with lots of summer photo shoots, so be prepared for lots and lots of pictures as soon as we get ourselves caught up! :)



Gorgeous!! This looks like a fun wedding!!!

cherie yost

okay…so you already know my feelings on these “teasers” now do the real post!!!

BTW – I am so excited to see more of these!

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Posted in Personal by Holly

My goodness it has been a crazy last few days…

We started off on Friday with an amazing wedding at Wilson Creek Winery for Erika & Young. It was a superb venue with an awesome group of vendors to work with! You will have to check in soon for a sneak peek! The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn (aka 7:30am –which is really early after a wedding) trying to get things done. Donny had a long day ahead of him… golfing! ;) I, on the other hand, was running around like crazy trying to get things done for Donny’s surprise party! It got pulled off well though and he was totally surprised! After church on Sunday, all three of us crashed! We were so exhausted! I asked Donny what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he really just wanted to spend time with the family. We went for a bike ride and enjoyed an evening at the park. Can I just say that I love that my hubby’s one desire for his bday is to spend time with his family. I am so blessed!

Today it was back to business as usual… four appointments, along with a mentoring session with an aspiring wedding photographer. We definitely have a crazy busy life, but we love every minute of it!

Here are a couple pics from the party!

Donny, Rattana & Cindy

Randy & Rachel

Donny & Kat

My aunts & mom

Donny & I

Me hamming it up with my brother, Howard



What a fun party – Glad Donny was surprised!

Pat (Mom)

‘ya-done good… was great!…Love ya.. Mom

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Happy 30th Birthday!!

Posted in Personal by Holly

Happy 30th Birthday to my fabulous, wonderful, super, great, loving husband who is turning the big 3-0 today! Wow! I can’t believe it! When Donny & I met, we were still in our teen years, so it is pretty crazy to think that we (actually only he — I still have another year) are transitioning into our thirties! I asked Donny what he thought of turning 30 and he said that he thought it was kinda cool! Funny guy!

Here’s a shot of the two of us at his surprise birthday bash I threw him last night!… more pics to come later!


Happy B-day! :)

Pat (Mom)

You guys are GREAT! We are blessed! Mom

I am late…but Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great day!

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Joys of being a parent…

Posted in Personal by Donny

So this week was a fun one!  We have been trying to play catch-up from being gone last week and yet still trying to spend lots of time with our daughter.  She is amazing us daily.  We don’t know how she learns the things she does!  This week we discovered that she knows the letter names of about 7 letters!  She is only a year and a half old!  All we can say is, “Thank you, Sesame Street”.  However, she also learned how to do a few other things this week…

Luckily, she was only coloring with a bar of soap!!!  Very easy to clean off.  Lesson learned today: Don’t allow kids to play in the bathroom alone for even a minute!  :)


Too cute.  


Other than that, we are looking forward to Friday’s wedding with Erika & Young.  You may remember their awesome engagement session that we did with them before (the one with the couch in the field!).  We have a feeling tomorrow is going to be super fun!  


cherie yost

LOL! Post it when she finds a nice black marker and destroys your couch…okay maybe that’s only my daughter!


Haha…this is great!


She did color our couch –with a black pen! She covered about a foot and a half of circle/scribbles before we caught her! Gotta love micro-fiber though — came right out!!

Denise Olson

Welcome to the world of custom art by “kids”. Who needs papers when there is tons of wall space to color on. Needless to say, our backyard is a haven for sidewalk chalk, and it is not the sidewalks that are being colored on!! LOL!! Too cute….keep the Resolve and OxyClean handy at all times :)


Cannot wait to see the photos of Erika & Young. They’re going to be gorgeous. Have fun!!

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Wedding Teaser

Posted in Weddings by Holly

Teaser Alert, Teaser Alert!!  We have so many awesome wedding pictures from Jen & Brian’s wedding that we can’t wait to share… but for now, here are two of my favorites!

One from the awesome ice cream truck they had at the ceremony!

And one from the carousel!

More to come soon!  Be checking in!  :)


Greg Bumatay

Already looks like it’s going to be an amazing wedding – can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!


Love the popsicle shot! ……. making me hungry! BTW … did I comment how cute ou two look in your intro? :)

Kara May

love what I’m seeing so far.

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