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May, 2008

Erika and Young Engagement

Posted in Engagements by Holly

Ok, so most people have one wedding dress, right? Well, Erika has two. She has the one she will be wearing for the wedding, and then the one she used for the engagement session! :) Erika & Young got all dazzled up and let us play! We took them all over the city and then to our current favorite field. I have had this antique sofa that I have been dying to use for a long time (it has been buried in my parent’s garage) and we were able to get it out for the shoot! It couldn’t have been more perfect!

We LOVE the color on these next two images!

Gotta love the infrared shot!

We’ve had this vision of a bride and groom in a field with a sofa for a long time, so this was really fun for us!

Yeah for sun flare!


Congrats you guys! We can’t wait to shoot your wedding at Wilson Creek Winery in a few months!


Casey Moseman

Those pictures are like the coolest engagement pics I have ever, ever, ever, ever seen. Did I say EVER SEEN?

I can’t wait to forward this on. Photo shoot, my turn. Haha

Awesome guys, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. These pictures couldn’t be more perfect for a perfect couple.

Love you both,

Casey Moseman

Sharon Barger

Dear Donny and Holly,

You really captured Erika and Young’s personalities. The pictures are great but the feel is even better. I can’t wait for the wedding in a few short days(46 but I’m not counting)and certainly hope you make me look as good as you did my daughter.

See you soon,
MOB(Mother of the Bride)

[...] than that, we are looking forward to Friday’s wedding with Erika & Young.  You may remember their awesome engagement session that we did with them before (the one with the [...]

[...] can we say about Erika & Young’s gorgeous Temecula Winery wedding except that it was fabulous in every way! We are still going [...]

[...] may remember Erika & Young’s striking images from their engagement session — the fun ones in the field with the antique [...]

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Top Three!

Posted in Weddings by Holly

Best of the OC HOTLIST 2008 Nominated: Best Photographer in Orange County

WOW! Several weeks ago we were nominated by FOX as one of the top photographers in Orange County. Over the past few weeks, people have been voting and the results were posted today! Out of over 50 nominated Orange County Wedding Photographers, we were voted one of the TOP THREE wedding photographers in the OC! Thank you to all those who voted for us and for all the amazingly sweet comments! We appreciate your support! :)   Click here if you want to see the official results!

On a different note — make sure to check back in every couple days over the next few weeks. We have been making an effort to blog more and have several fun engagement sessions to show you along with a few kids and weddings! We’ve been super busy over here!! :)


Greg Bumatay

That’s fantastic! Congratulations on the nomination and the top 3!

Heather W

Congrats!!! You guys are awesome.


Wow you guys that is awesome news!! I am so happy for you. Of course, your work speaks for itself! Then combine that with your personalities it’s no wonder you guys made that list! I love looking at your pictures! Congrats to you both!!!


Congrats! This is wonderful! It’s always a pleasure having my photo taken by you two. Thanks for the great work you’ve done and will do in the future!

Kerry & Ira

Congrats on placing in the top three! Your work is awesome!!

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Daniel’s Senior Shoot

Posted in Portraits by Holly

I’ve actually known Daniel for many years. He was one of my little brother’s good friends growing up. That being said, I haven’t seen him in years. — So when he showed up for us to take his senior pictures, I was amazed! He used to be a cute, scrawny 10 year old… now he is still awfully cute, but a full grown man ready for college!! It was truly a pleasure taking his pictures and we are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. He’s heading off to Pepperdine next year so we are SUPER excited for him! He couldn’t have chosen a better university!! …Ok, we are just a bit biased considering that is where both Donny & I both graduated from. :)








Go Waves!! :)



ok, i’m a bit biased, but these pictures are great! Thanks for such a nice selection!


ok, i’m a bit biased, but these pictures are great! Thanks for such a nice selection!

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Janelle 2

Posted in Portraits by Holly

Janelle is one of those girls that just amaze me! She is super involved in school – co-captain of cheer, and a billion other organizations — and still keeps her grades up! However, when I asked her what she enjoys doing, she was most excited about sharing about her volunteer work! What an awesome student!

Here are some of the shots we got of her awesome photo shoot! Between the two photo shoots we were able to do of Janelle, we were able to get lots of colorful walls, the beach AND a field! You can only imagine how much fun we had! …I think Janelle had a bit of fun herself! :)

Janelle seriously has one of the cutest laughs! Her whole face lights up and I love it!

Down beneath the pier…

Donny & I always looking for the sunflare!

Seriously, she is so cute!!!

Now, every girl needs her purse… but Janelle’s was probably the most unique purse i have ever seen! It is made completely of “chip” bags — yeah, that’s right — chips! Think Doritos, Ruffles, Lays, Fritos, etc! Hmm…that kind of sounds yummy. I think I am going to get a snack now!



Love those field shots guys! But now I want chips too!! Did she eat all those chips? Cuz she looks good for having eaten all those chips!! :-)


these are great! I really like her chips bag :) the field shot are my fave…of course! You know how I feel about a good field :)

debbie juliej

WOW…..Janelle you should be a model. Honey, you are a natural and so-ooo darn beautiful. I cannot believe how grown up you are. I am so proud of you. Congratulations on becoming Cheer Captain. That is so great. You are awesome. Hi Sandy (by the way). :-) Aren’t you proud of your daughter… goodness. Everything sounds like it is going very well with you all. I am so happy. Thank you for sharing your exciting news. I miss you.

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Posted in Portraits by Donny

I love dogs. When I grew up, I had two dogs — a Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso. They were the cutest things. They would cuddle up in my bed and sleep with me every night. We used to call Boo Boo a Speedbump because he would lay out in the middle of the street in front of our house and the cars would have to drive around him as they drove by! We were just grateful he never got hit!


Well, we had an amazing time doing pet photography for Bill and his three babies — his golden retrievers — Cosmo, Katie & Scoobs. When we do pet photography, we approach it much like we do weddings and family; we like to capture them in their natural settings and let the personalities of the subjects come out. We were able to get some awesome shots of Bill playing with his dogs!


<br />


All three dogs together in bed! This picture kind of makes us laugh… before we got married, Holly and I would debate all the time about whether or not we would let our dogs sleep in our bed… the jury is still out on that one as we haven’t owned a dog yet… I still have time to talk her into it! :)




Some great ‘Doggies!’ – possible competition winning images here

Corinne Kreykes

Donny and Holly, I check your blog all the time to see your great shots…LOVE THESE…I mean your wedding and baby shots and everything else you do is AMAZING (i’ve given your names and website out like 100 times)…but I love the puppy shots. Our dogs are like our kids, so I admire these. Maybe one day we can do a shoot. Prayin’ for ya! Love, Corinne

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