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March, 2008

Little Guy

Posted in Portraits by Holly

Can I just say how amazing taking newborn portraits is! They are so sweet and tiny! We love getting the little detais such as their feet or hands. I also have a newfound appreciation for newborn photographs because although our daughter is only a smidge over a year, I honestly can’t remember when she was that little! If it weren’t for the (thousands of ) pictures, I wouldn’t believe it! It’s like she has always been the size that she currently is!

Well, here are some pics we just took of Little J. He is only a couple weeks old.

I absolutely love the feeling in the next photo!

If you have a little blessing on the way, and you want to use us for your child’s newborn photos, call or email to schedule a consultation with us. We will write your approximate due date in our calendar and leave some available time so that we can photograph your baby within the first 10 days of life.

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The pictures of our little J are precious and beautifully done. Your style is wonderful and we are so glad to have had you take these. Thanks!

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Full of Grace

Posted in Weddings by Holly

Photographing little Grace was so much fun — she is such a happy baby! I loved that she had her teddy bear to shoot with! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the session. Which one is your favorite?

Giving her teddy bear some love!





the last one is my fave! I really like the cute feet as well :)


the last one is my fave! I really like the cute feet as well :)

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New Album

Posted in Portraits by Holly

We are back!  We had an amazing time at WPPI this year and are now trying to wrap our heads around all the cool stuff we saw and learned!  We will post some images as soon as we get them downloaded.  Right now we are catching up on all the phone calls and emails we received while we were gone!  We did want to take a minute to show you some new album pics.

We are super excited to have received our brand spanking new demo album! This one is all about families. It has a bunch of the babies, kids, pregnant mommies and families that we have shot this past year. When you come into the studio, ask to see it! It’s pretty awesome! You gotta love the striking red hot leather cover, too! ;)

How cool would it be to have an album like this of your family’s photos!!



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Posted in Personal, Weddings by Holly

Hey everyone! We just wanted to let you know that we will be out for a few days, so if you are unable to get ahold of us, please be patient and we will follow up with all phone calls and emails on Wednesday. We are going to be at WPPI, a HUGE photography convention in Vegas. We always look forward to this time of year as we get to see all of the latest products available, but more than that, we get to meet up with so many of our photographer friends! Our assistant, Howard, will be at the studio and available for all scheduled pick ups and deliveries. Hope you have a great week!


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Too much fun!

Posted in Engagements, Personal, Portraits by Donny

Holly and I were really excited when Harmony asked us to photograph her and Travis! We took them to an awesome place to shoot around the corner from our studio and started playing! The sun had pretty much set, so we were presented with a challenge to create fun shots with very little light to work with.  Since we shoot with available light 95% of the time, this was not an issue at all!  Here are a couple of our faves!

You know, we have couples ask us all the time where the best place to take pics are. We always offer suggestions, but the truth is, we can get beautiful pictures of you anywhere! The two pics below are on colorful picnic tables! Whatever works! :)





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